Wheelchair Program

Every year, Gold Coast Veterans Foundation receives 100 or more calls (often desperate) from veterans and family members requesting emergency delivery of a wheelchair, power-lift, or mobility scooter:

  • A veteran may have been injured, or had an emergency surgery…and had no idea they would not be eligible for a wheelchair when they got home.
  • Some veterans may not qualify… others may have to wait weeks or even months.
  • Some veterans are discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair, rolled out to the sidewalk, and then told that the wheelchair has to stay behind.


A critical and often completely un-met need arises at these moments. Without a wheelchair, there is a genuine threat to a veteran’s recovery, their health, and their safety. Not to mention the feeling of helplessness, loss of dignity, and even betrayal that a veteran might feel at that difficult moment.

Gold Coast Veterans Foundation has addressed this need by developing a rapid response wheelchair program. Our strategic repair/refurbish, storage and distribution system will get a wheelchair delivered to any Ventura County veteran in need with one phone call and usually within a few hours.

We’re deeply grateful to the Knights of Columbus, Los Padres Chapter and all our partner agencies for supporting and continuing this vital free program for veterans and their families.

Port of Hueneme Hosts Wheelchair Distribution for Local Disabled Veterans

June 25, 2021 — The Port of Hueneme in collaboration with 12 other organizations will be sponsoring and hosting a wheelchair distribution for veterans in need. These 110 new wheelchairs are part of a larger effort coordinated by Knights of Columbus Los Padres Chapter, Gold Coast Veterans Foundation, Disabled American Veterans – Ventura Chapter 24, and other organizations in the county.

Storage made possible by these three generous organizations…

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