Veterans’ Village


Gold Coast Veterans Foundation is the leader in rescuing homeless veterans Ventura County:


  • Our Mobile Veteran Outreach program has rescued 230 veterans since launch in late 2019.
  • Our flagship Veterans Connection program repairs and restores veterans’ lives.
  • When other social services closed in the pandemic, we increased our rescue efforts.

We soon realized that if we couldn’t reliably place veterans into existing low-income housing, then we needed to create that housing ourselves. Veterans’ Village is that housing, and much more!

  • It brings rescue, shelter, supportive services, and affordable housing all together.
  • The first to use different types of housing to meet different needs and circumstances.
  • Designed by the people who actually rescue and repair the lives of homeless military veterans… not driven by bureaucracy, business, or politics.
  • Designed from the start around culturally competent, trauma-informed care.
  • All components are designed to heal, repair, and restore broken lives – not to check the boxes and send them out the door as a “program completion”.
  • The only model designed to care for the most damaged veterans who can’t “exit” to traditional housing.
  • Makes the fullest use of low-cost housing units – so it costs one-quarter of traditional “affordable housing“ apartment and construction projects.
  • The blueprint for a viable, cost-effective, sustainable model of care for veterans.

Gold Coast Veterans Foundation is now winning the battle against veteran homelessness, by rescuing the homeless veterans other agencies have “written off” as unable to be saved. Veterans’ Village will now complete this model of care, providing a safe place to stay for any veteran, in any condition, at any stage of their journey back.

Our veterans have already put their life, their soul, and their sanity on the line.

If you’ll put a few dollars on the line right now to make it happen, we can put an end to this national tragedy before one more veteran is lost to homelessness.

Gold Coast Veterans Foundation

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