U.S. Air Force Monument Completed at Northern California Veterans Cemetery

US Air Force Monument Igo 1;U.S. Air Force Monument; Into the Wild Blue Yonder        US Air Force Monument Igo 3;U.S. Air Force Monument; Into the Wild Blue Yonder

For nearly a decade, the Northern California Veterans Cemetery Support Board has worked to install the first of five planned monuments on cemetery grounds in Igo, California.

This week, the U.S. Air Force Monument 5-foot diameter globe titled “Into the Wild Blue Yonder” was lifted onto the pedestal and bolted in place prior to the official dedication ceremony on Saturday, Nov. 11 as part of Veterans Day.

“Ultimately, this is one piece of the multi-branch monument that’s planned for this cemetery,” said Mark George, the cemetery’s manager. “The Air Force monument was the first project in that phase, but it will feature all five branches when it’s complete.”

The display was created by local Redding artist Gideon Carl Turner III, a Vietnam combat veteran, and constructed at Eagle Iron Works.

Both the globe and each of the continents were fabricated from sheets of aluminum and welded into place. Then, the oceans were painted blue and the land was shined and sealed for a pure, metallic finish.

In all, the monument sits 12 feet tall and reflects upon the Air Force’s history and mission, with a shiny contrail encircling the perimeter of the globe.

“It’s going to look amazing here,” George exclaimed. “We are very excited to add this monument to our already lovely grounds.”

The monument sits atop a three-foot high pyramid pedestal, which is placed on a pad of ceremonial bricks, which are being sold for engraving.  For more information, click here to visit their website.

Source: CalVet Connect article from November 11, 2017