Student Spotlight: Former Enlisted Marine Robert Van Ostrand

Here is a success story we recently found about a former enlisted Marine and CSUCI student who is now a chemistry grad student at UC Davis. Robert Van Ostrand talks about his path to graduate school and how being a Marine helped prepare him. Robert does chemical biology research on DNA repair in the lab of Professor Sheila David. He went to CSU Channel Islands as an undergraduate.
“There are many veterans like me that pursue new careers after military service. Veterans develop priceless qualities and skills while serving in the military that they bring forward into their next career. Hiring a veteran can have an extremely positive impact on your team. Hire a vet!

Thank you to all who have served in our military before, with, and after me. Thank you to my lab mates and PI for helping to provide the best research lab to work in.”

To see more of his story, watch the video below.

Source: Robert Van Ostrand’s LinkedIn page