As Season of Giving Approaches, Think About Supporting Your Favorite Charities

Americans are charitable.

According to Giving USA 2017, the report on philanthropy, $390 billion was donated in 2016. The total annual amount donated has set a record for the last three years. Who gives the most? Collectively, it is individuals like you who account for the largest percentage of donations. Individuals gave 72 percent, foundations gave 15 percent, bequests account for 8 percent and corporations gave 5 percent.

Giving USA 2017 Infographic


There are many reasons people give. Many Americans were raised by parents with strong religious beliefs. Tithing and offerings were customary. In fact, religious organizations receive almost a third of the amount donated each year. Other reasons people give include categories such as education, human services, foundations, health, public society, international and the arts.

The human spirit is kind. This is demonstrated by the generous donors who share a portion of their hard earned money to someone in need will be better off. As we begin the last quarter of 2017 and the season of giving thanks, consider giving generously to the causes that are close to your heart. Your donation does not need to be large. Support our Ventura County organizations that are serving others and helping those in need.

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