Restorative and Wellness Programs

Veterans Wellness and Healing

As a result of their active-duty experience, many of our Veterans return home to us with physical injuries or are at risk of developing PTSD, depression, and other stress related illnesses. Through the Restorative & Wellness Programs, GCVF seeks to ensure that our Veterans have access to the healthcare information, resources, and therapeutic programs they need in order to effectively heal their minds and bodies.

VA Healthcare is a valuable resource, but the abundance of information and the overall process can be overwhelming. Therefore, GCVF works to simplify this process by offering one-on-one assistance with VA Healthcare enrollment, distributing pertinent information, and even hosting local resource fairs to aid Veterans in obtaining the valuable information and services they need.

With the help of donations from the local community, GCVF is also able to provide much needed wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers to disabled veterans. Mobility is often taken for granted, but for those who are unable to walk without assistance, these devices are invaluable. We take great pride in our ability to offer support in this area by delivering this equipment to those in need. If you have a wheelchair, scooter, or walker that you would like to donate to one of our veterans, please contact us at (805) 482-6550.

As part of our Restorative & Wellness Programs, we also collaborate with local providers to offer the following services.

Guided Meditation and Energy Healing

We host a monthly guided meditation and energy healing group led by international healer Roger Ford, founder of Healing in America. This group meets at our Veterans Connection office every first Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m.

For more information or to register, call Roger at (805) 640-0211 or visit Healing in America’s website by clicking the button below.

Meditation for Veterans

Veteran & Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Services

Ride On is offering free un-mounted Equine Facilitated Growth and learning classes, as well as more traditional horseback riding lessons to post-9/11 Veterans in Newbury Park. Depending on the needs of the Service Member, treatment can be either on the horse or on the ground with a therapist in activities designed to reflect real life challenges. This last approach allows veterans and therapist to ‘see’ where the problems are and explore solutions that work. Veterans can quickly recognize unhealthy patterns, identify their strengths, and enact new behaviors, all of which affect their families and their employment.

For more information, contact Ride On at (805) 375-9078 | or check out their website by clicking the button below.

Spiritual Counseling and Mindfulness

Brock Travis, PhD, provides spiritual counseling and mindfulness instruction either by telephone or a face-to-face meeting. Dr. Travis teaches skills to enhance serenity.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Travis at (805) 320-6079 | or check out his website by clicking the button below.