Now Casting: A New Game Show for Teams Who Love Brain Games!

Do you have a passion for problem solving? Are you motivated by mental mind games and brain busters? Are you clever, courageous, and competitive?

The producers behind established shows such as Top Chef and Nailed It! are set to premiere a new game show in the near future on a well-known television network. This game show is in the same vein as the hit show Brain Games.

The only thing that’s missing is you! This group of producers is in need of groups of families, friends, and colleagues in Southern California to come together and compete against other teams. In particular, they are seeking to cast those who have served our country, whether that’s a group of veterans or a veteran and his/her family. You decide!

Please keep the following in mind:

  • These will be four person teams, with a fifth person as an alternate, if needed.
  • All team members must be at least the age of ten (10) to play.
  • All team members must be U.S. residents to apply.
  • Safety protocols for the Coronavirus will be implemented during the casting and filming process, the latter of which is estimated to take place during the second half of October (if the ongoing health crisis allows it).

Please check out the flyer below for more information on this game show casting call, and if you are interested in participating with your team, please click the button below to apply.

Brain Games for Veterans

This game show casting call is only to provide you information on this available opportunity for our local veterans and their families. Gold Coast Veterans Foundation is not affiliated with this game show or its production group in any way.