National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Hollywood, MD- More than 82,000 American military service members remain missing in action (MIA). Today, Sept.15, is national POW/MIA Recognition Day. While it is not a federal public holiday, it is a national observance.

Today many Americans will stop and pause to remember the sacrifices and service of those who were Prisoners of War (POW) as well as those who remain missing in action.

Courtesy of DPAA

According to the Department of POW/MIA Accounting (DPAA):
• 73,119 Americans remain missing from World War II
• More than 7,800 remain unaccounted for from the Korea War
• More than 1,600 remain unaccounted for from Vietnam
• 126 service members are unaccounted for from the Cold War
• Five are missing from Middle East conflicts- two service members from Desert Storm and three Department of Defense contractors from Iraqi Freedom.

Since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, 841 U.S. personnel have been accounted for. Those who remain MIA are believed to be in areas of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

To honor their sacrifices, all military installations fly the National League of Families’ POW/MIA Flag. The flag symbolizes our country’s efforts to never forget POWs or those who served in wartime and are still missing. Veteran’s rallies will be held in several states. Remembrance ceremonies will be held in places such as the Pentagon, war memorials and museums.

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