Military Sisterhood Initiative Connects Women Veterans

A free national peer support community for women of the military

Peer Support for Female Veterans

For women Veterans who may be feeling isolated, online communities offer a great place to connect–especially now while we’re all social distancing. The Military Sisterhood Initiative, or MSI, is one such community for women Veterans and female active duty service members.

Launched online in February, the Military Sisterhood Initiative is a free national peer support network of and for women of the military. In effect, it’s a network built on the tried and true military concept of having your sister’s “six”.

A Safe, Private Space for Women

The Military Sisterhood Initiative provides a safe space for military women to connect and encourage one another as they explore new opportunities for personal growth, purpose and fulfillment. This is especially valuable in moments like these when face-to-face meetings are not possible. Then, from this camaraderie and collective strength, comes the opportunity for women of the military to fight for improvements in the conditions that structure their lives and the lives of their military sisters.

“I couldn’t make this self quarantine, without this website. It’s a lifeline, to real women.” -Marilyn, member of the Military Sisterhood Initiative

Peer Support for Female Veterans

As a private online community, the Military MSI serves as a place to congregate, share, learn, grow, give/receive and, once things go back to normal, find meet-up opportunities with military sisters near them.

By joining the Military Sisterhood Initiative, women can:

  • Create a profile and connect with other military sisters near them or across the country to build one-on-one relationships.
  • Ask for help when they need it and offer support when their sisters are in need.
  • Engage in discussions and activities around different monthly topics and weekly challenges.
  • Post and find events, resources, and stories relevant to women Veteran growth and empowerment.

Developed and managed by Challenge America, a national veteran 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Military Sisterhood Initiative was designed by and for military women.

Zaneta Adams, Army Veteran and Director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, had the original vision for the Sisterhood and helped to put the pieces in place to make it a reality. Challenge America then partnered with Global consultancy firm, Acumen Solutions, to design the MSI platform.

Imagine how you can grow with the support of women like you

Women Veterans and female active duty service members can join thousands of their Sisters in the Military Sisterhood Initiative by visiting and clicking “Request to Join.”

For more on the Military Sisterhood Initiative and the launch, read our blog on MSI from February.

The information on this peer support community is only to provide you with an available resource and is not an endorsement by Gold Coast Veterans Foundation.

Source: VAntage Point article from April 8, 2020