Anyone Can Help

Heroes like you are putting an end to veteran suffering and homelessness.

Thanks to the many people who care enough to act, GCVF is in fact winning the battle to end homelessness and suffering for American veterans! Thousands of veterans have received individual 1-on-1 care, and nearly 230 high-risk veterans have been rescued from homelessness.

We’d be honored and grateful if you would join us right here on the front lines, repairing the lives of the people who walked into harm’s way for our nation. There are so many different things that anyone and everyone can do to ‘be the change’, and make a miracle happen.

Time, Talent, or Treasure” – No matter what you are able to contribute, we guarantee it will make a big difference in the life of an American veteran.

See it For Yourself

Believe it or not, our biggest wish is for you to walk in through the front door and see what we do in person:

  • You might see our Mobile Veteran Outreach team, Army veteran Rafael and his giant service dog Leo, running out to rescue a homeless veteran on the street
  • You might see them bringing that veteran back in after months or years on the street, to finally be cared for, and to begin repairing a broken life
  • You might see us helping a veteran living with cancer, who had given up on his VA “Agent Orange” disability claim, to finally right a 50 year old wrong
  • You might see our caring volunteers going out to an elderly veteran’s home to make sure they’re OK, and letting them know that even 5 decades later… someone still “has their back”

What you‘ll definitely see is a lean, fast, low-overhead organization that is 100% focused on saving, repairing, and improving the lives of our veterans.

Be a Volunteer

Unlike many charitable organizations, at GCVF our volunteers are on the front lines providing free care and services to veterans and their families. No matter what your age, your skills have a vital role to play in our mission, caring for veterans. If you can fix a car, teach computer skills, have a compassionate conversations, we need you!

  • A veteran’s life is often saved on a phone or a computer screen, or perhaps by just driving a minivan to get a mobility-limited veteran to the doctor.
  • Delivering hot food, warm clothes, or a blanket can make the difference between life and death.
  • A visit to an elderly veteran’s home can identify a hidden problem or risk that will soon cause them great harm or death.
  • Care and compassion costs nothing, but it’s more powerful than gold

No matter what your age, health, skills, or capacity allows you to do, your unique talents can make all the difference in the world to a veteran in need.

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