Financial Literacy & Financial Coaching

Military veteran meets with Financial Advisor, Financial Coaching for Veterans

Manage Your Money

Are you a veteran or military member experiencing financial challenges? Do you have debt or credit problems? Trying to buy a house? We can help!

Lucía Trujillo, JD, AFC®, FFC®, provides financial coaching services free of charge to veterans, currently serving military members, and their families at Gold Coast Veterans Foundation on Wednesdays by appointment. Lucía can help with the following:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Setting up personal budgets
  • Dealing with credit issues
  • Saving for a house
  • Managing your money

Lucía works with you to set goals and achieve them in a way that works for veterans. She works extensively with veterans and understands the unique challenges and strengths of veterans and military families.

To make an appointment, call Lucía at 805-232-3551.