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They already put their life, their sanity, and their soul on the line. We’ll put our expertise, our skills, and our heart on the line to support them. If you’ll put a few bucks on the line to make it happen, we can do it right now when they need it, before any more lives are damaged or lost.

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Planned giving is the process of thoughtfully including a charitable gift in your estate plans. It is a method of establishing your legacy of support for the organization you love while providing for your current financial needs. You can help ensure that The Gold Coast Veterans Foundation has a lasting impact for the generations that follow by providing for the continuation of our many programs and services that enhance the lives of those we serve.

Philanthropy and individual gifts have been essential in shaping the history of our organization, and these contributions will play an important role in its promising future. Your actions now can have a profound impact in the life of another person. And you can help contribute to that future by including The Gold Coast Veterans Foundation in your estate and other financial preparations.

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Your company may have a matching gifts program to recognize employees’ generosity. Some companies even match gifts from spouses and retirees.

Gifts can be matched dollar for dollar, sometimes even two or three to 1. By submitting your matching request to your employer, you could have an even greater impact on ending veteran suffering today.

Need Help:  Call us at (805) 482-6550 or email at and we’ll assist in looking up your companies policy and identify their giving requirements for you, it’s a very simple process.   Your support and your employer’s matching gift will directly fund the critical free programs we provide veterans and their families.

Give us a call, we’re happy to help!


Many of the men and women who’ve served our country are suffering. Tens of thousands are homeless, many more still battle the long term effects of PTSD. Gold Coast Veterans Foundation is devoted to caring for each and every veteran with personalized one-on-one services.

We’ve rescued more than 90% of the homeless veterans in our County in the past 18 and removed 94% from the streets and into long term, supportive housing solutions. Many have completed our transformative programs, finding high paying jobs over $80,000 and some even returning to home ownership!

We’ve pioneered the new national standard of care for veterans called Veteran’ Village and Mobile Veteran Outreach; two new programs born from the lived experience of a formerly homeless veteran, Mobile Veteran Outreach and the pending new Veters’s Village are indeed the new blueprint to permanently ending veteran homelessness.

We need you to stand with us, together as one team, and make sure no veteran is left behind.

Donating crypto currency is incredibly fast, efficient and easy. Your support today means more veterans’ lives saved and restored, it’s just that simple.

Veteran and His Donated Vehicle

You can donate your car, truck, van, SUV, boat, motorcycle, RV, ATV, trailer, airplane and/or other motorized vehicles to help us assist local veterans and their families.

Can your car make a real difference in the life of a US military veteran, maybe even save a life?  Yes it can, and yes it will!   Please compare how much actual good is done by donating a vehicle to our programs, versus any other “vehicle charity”.

If your vehicle is in running or even in repairable condition, we’ll do our best to donate your car directly to a veteran in need.   Your car can provide the vital transportation needed to get a veteran and their family to a job, medical appointments, counseling or services.

Your gift can change a veterans life!

Donate Your Car

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In addition to monetary donations, Gold Coast Veterans Foundation is always in need of physical items for Ventura County veterans and their families. We have taken an important role to ensure the safety and well-being of our local veteran population, including homeless and at-risk veterans, recently-housed veterans, and disabled veterans Please visit our current Veteran Wish List to see how you can help today.

Veteran Wish List

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Our fundraisers wouldn’t be successful without the generous support of our community and business sponsors. If you’d like to partner with us on one of our fundraising events as a sponsor, please reach out to us at 805-482-6550, or by filling out a contact form on our Contact page.


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