Donate Your Car or Other Motorized Vehicle

What About Donating a Car, Truck, Camper, or Mobile Home?

We’ve all heard those awful radio commercials singing about donating cars for kids. Vehicles donated to most charities get sold to a used car wholesaler for next to nothing.

GCVF has a better and higher use for donated vehicles.

For many veterans we’ve rescued, a vehicle is the key to get back to work. They can make a living, regaining their dignity and becoming self-sufficient. Having a decent job stops the “revolving door of homelessness/unemployment” and begins to put their life back on track.

Donating an RV, trailer, or mobile home has an even greater purpose. It allows GCVF to get a homeless veteran off the street, and out of harm’s way the very same day! Having an immediate emergency shelter where we can place the highest risk, most-damaged veterans without delay will save lives.

The ‘eyesore’ in your driveway will be a godsend to a veteran in need.

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