Donate Your Car or Other Motorized Vehicle

Why Donate Your Vehicle to Gold Coast Veterans Foundation?

  • To provide a veteran with transportation
  • To fund critical programs serving veterans
  • To avoid the hassles of selling
  • To avoid expensive vehicle repairs
  • To increase space in the garage or driveway
  • To retire from driving
  • To reduce your income tax
  • To help us in Serving Those Who Served Us!

It is easy to donate your car, truck, van, SUV, boat, motorcycle, RV, ATV, trailer, airplane, and other motorized vehicles to help us assist local veterans and their families.

How Can My Car Make the Difference in the Life of a U.S. Military Veteran?


A running, decent car doesn’t just represent freedom or transportation. Your donated vehicle can give a veteran back their dignity by having a way to get back to work and be a productive citizen. A car can get a veteran and their family to medical appointments, job interviews, or to PTSD counseling. A car can allow a recovering veteran to be an active, engaged, protective parent in their child’s life…or simply get their kids to school so they can become educated productive citizens too.

Motorhomes, RVs, and Trailers

Our Mobile Veteran Outreach (MVO) program rescues homeless veterans from the street and gets them engaged into benefits and services to put them on a path out of poverty and back into the world. 90% of the veterans we rescue are not yet in the condition to move into a normal apartment; many aren’t even eligible for a homeless shelter. We can use that motorhome, RV, travel trailer, or trailer home to save the lives of homeless veterans by getting them off the street and into safe, habitable housing during the period between homelessness and traditional “low-income housing.” This innovative re-purposing of donated RVs creates emergency shelter and temporary housing that can save a veteran’s life right now.

Boats, Watercraft, Motorcycles, Airplanes, even Balloons!

Even if the veterans we rescue can’t use the vehicle for direct transportation or housing, any vehicle can be donated to our organization. No matter what it is, it will allow us to measurably increase the care, services, and compassion we provide to U.S. military veterans. Gold Coast Veterans Foundation provides an unmatched combination of the highest level of one-on-one personal services – at the lowest overhead cost – of any veteran non-profit. Your donation does more, goes further, and with less “overhead” than anybody. We’re proud of that, and you will be too.

Donating Your Vehicle Is Easy!

Contact us at Gold Coast Veterans Foundation so that we may do an initial evaluation of your automobile. If your vehicle is in running or repairable condition, we will do our best to donate your car directly to a veteran in need.

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