College Foundation Provides Textbooks to Vets

College Textbooks for Veterans

Ventura College Foundation’s Jerry Arellano Veteran Resource Center Library Program received $59,000 in new funding to provide textbook stipends to U.S. veterans attending the college.

Veterans will be given up to $250 per semester for two semesters. In return for receiving the stipend, recipients must donate at least one of the books bought with the money to the Jerry Arellano Veteran Resource Center Library so other students can have access to textbooks at no cost.

The library is named after a Marine veteran and longtime firefighter who served at Station 32 at Edwards Air Force Base.

The funding comes from Ventura College Foundation donors who had originally designated their gifts to Veterans Promise, a program that enabled U.S. veterans and active duty military students not using G.I. Bill benefits to attend Ventura College tuition-free during their first year of schooling.

Since tuition for these students is now covered by the state, donors agreed to transfer their contributions to pay for veterans’ schoolbooks and build the resource center’s lending library.

Full- and part-time veteran students can apply for the stipend. The amount is adjusted based on the number of units taken.

As of fall 2019, there were 384 veterans enrolled at Ventura College. The Veterans Resource Center offers services to veterans, active duty military and eligible dependents, including assisting with college admission applications and course registration, providing academic counseling, and helping students access veterans’ benefits.

The center includes a study area with computers, printers and scanners.

The Ventura College Foundation supports veterans through scholarships and helps cover the costs of such items as parking and health fees, textbooks, transportation to and from school, and general school supplies.

For more information, go to or call (805) 289-6161.

Source: The Camarillo Acorn article from July 31, 2020