Christmas Parade

The 60th Annual Camarillo Christmas Parade drew thousands of people on Saturday morning, December 10th. Thankfully the rain and cold did not deter any of the 4,000+ attendees from enjoying the show.

Congresswoman Julia Brownley, who serves on the House Committee of Veteran’s Affairs, joined 12 active duty sailors to help spread awareness about Gold Coast Veterans Foundation. The Congresswoman chatted with the sailors as they rode in our Mobile Veteran Outreach rescue vehicle during the parade, which was kindly donated by California Resources Corporation.

What do you see when you look at this picture? I see young sailors reaching out to other veterans in need.  I see Congresswoman Brownley, Gold Coast Veterans Foundation and Navy sailors coming together this holiday season to fight the battle against veteran homelessness. GCVF cares for the 42,000 veterans and veteran families in Ventura County from their Camarillo Headquarters. Each year over 2,000 veterans reach out to the military nonprofit for assistance.  The Gold Coast Veterans Foundation is also the leader in providing care to homeless veterans; rescuing over 230 in just the last 24 months!


The Mobile Veteran Outreach program has proven an incredible success since it’s launch in 2019. Lead by a formerly homeless veteran, Rafael Stoneman and his 185 lb service dog “LEO”, they are on the cutting edge of homeless veteran care, providing transformative, novel solutions that will lead to the end of veteran homeless on our Country, once and for all.

The organization has spent the past 4 years perfecting their one-of-a-kind model and veteran care and they intend to launch the Veterans’ Village program capable of housing and healing veterans,  right here in Ventura County in the next 12 months.

We’re grateful for all who made this day possible. You’ve allowed us to share our vision for ending veteran suffering with the entire community and you’ve brought forth a message of hope for all veterans who struggle with a return to their civilian lives.

We would like to offer special thanks and recognition to the following individuals and agencies who made this day possible:


Congresswoman Julia Brownley – US House of Representative District 26

Naval Base Point Mugu and Naval Base Hueneme
AM3 3rd Class Petty Officer Heaven Patterson
AM3 Lancelot White
AM3 Clarisse Tayco
AM2 Xiomara Peraza 2nd Class
LS3 Reianne Rodriguez Logistic Specialist 3rd Class
AT 1 Nick Hamlin Aviation Electronics Technician 1st Class
Yeoman 2nd Class Alonzo Triplett
AO2 Hugo Salazar
AO Chief Gerald Johnson
AM1, Jose Dejamco
AD2 Pagel, Daniel.  FRCW Point Mugu
AM3 Hudspeth, Maria.    FRCW Point Mugu
AMAN Gordy, Lawrence.   FRCW Point Mugu

Niel Smith, Lt. Col. U.S. ARMY Ret. and GCVF Board member

Don Irelan – GCVF Volunteer and super hero!

Ted and Carmen Wenri – Thank you building out the truck platform and keeping everyone safe