Career & Job Preparation

GCVF’s Career & Job Preparation Program is designed to help our veterans and their families smoothly transition to civilian life with the goal of achieving long-term success. Our veterans often already have specialized skills and experience to prepare themselves for careers, but sometimes need assistance in channeling these skills towards civilian positions. Through our program, GCVF seeks to simplify the process by offering valuable resources and tools to connect and support job seekers and employers. Preparing for a career requires planning, which is why we take great care in assessing our veterans’ career goals and coaching them on potential job opportunities within the community.

Further, we actively take a more personalized, hands-on approach to career planning by assisting with résumé writing, offering interview skills training, and even hosting job orientation sessions with the State of California Employment Development Department.

In addition, this program includes an educational component for those who desire to take their careers a step further, as some positions require further skills and credentials. Success relies on a good fit between student and institution; therefore, our staff assists in researching the best schools for our veteran’s desired career fields, which includes a comprehensive evaluation of the academic and career assistance programs available at their school of choice.

Pursuing education also requires financial planning. As a result, we work to maximize GI Bill benefits by utilizing a comparison tool to carefully examine academic program affordability on an individual basis. This helps guarantee the effective application of benefits towards the end-goal of receiving an education for a better future.