About Us


Ron Greenwood, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Gold Coast Veterans Foundation,
spoke with Our Ventura TV host Sandra Siepak about how Gold Coast Veterans Foundation
connects tri-county veterans and their families with important and desired

Who We Are

Dedicated to our local veterans, Gold Coast Veterans Foundation is at the center of a community-wide effort to support and care for our own. To us, “serving those who served us” is not just a phrase. It is a commitment toward improving the lives of those who deserve it most.  We believe that making a difference starts with helping those close to home. As a community, we must do our part to ensure the safety and well-being of our local veteran population and their families.

What We Do

Our goal is to provide the proper care and guidance necessary to assist our neighborhood veterans in their civilian lives. Through the foundation’s Veterans Connection, the tri-county area’s “one-stop-shop,” recipients and supporters alike gain access to various programs and services tailored to meet the needs of veterans on an individual level. Such programs include Benefits & Claims AssistanceRestorative & Wellness ProgramsCareer & Job Preparation, and Housing & Financial Assistance. This full spectrum of services, as well as these resources, serve to bridge the gap between government programs at the federal, state and even local levels, which are not always sufficient or easily accessible.

The purpose of the Veterans Connection is to create and nurture a support network that connects veterans to each other and the community. This network consists of volunteers, donors, and other local veteran service providers. Our carefully designed programs target specific areas of concern in order to reduce incidences of substance abuse, homelessness, and incarceration. Transitioning back into society can be difficult. The Veterans Connection provides opportunities for successful reintegration by empowering our veterans and equipping them with the essential knowledge, tools, and skills needed to become valuable, productive members of our society.

Gold Coast Veterans Foundation is passionate and relentless in its pursuit to help those who have served. With your support, we can continue to make a positive impact on the quality of veterans’ lives, their families, and our community as a whole.

Vision & Mission

To reduce or eliminate suffering, lowered quality of life, re‐integration difficulties, and negative lifetime outcomes of American military veterans.

We catch the veterans who “fall through the cracks” in larger systems of care, using direct intervention to disrupt the chain of events that leads to negative outcomes. We address and resolve the root causes of problems before lives are damaged or lost, using a proprietary cross‐sector integrated care model not offered elsewhere:

Veterans Connection is a comprehensive one‐stop service center for veterans. Personalized 1-on-1 care, support, and case management are provided at no charge.

  • Benefit Navigation
    Provides a licensed Veteran Services Officer and support staff to expedite, troubleshoot, and connect veterans with all available benefits.
  • Mobile Veteran Outreach
    (MVO) engages the most difficult‐to‐serve of all veterans, the homeless. 90%+ have additional mental/physical/substance issues and are at the highest risk. MVO puts someone at the right place, at the right time, to save that life.
  • Housing Assistance
    Including VASH subsidized housing assistance, shelter, low‐income / veteran‐friendly housing advocacy, landlord mediation, housing placement.
  • Behavioral Health
    Programs address veteran‐specific emotional wellness, PTSD, MST, and mental health needs.
  • Job/Career Resources
    Including veteran‐specific job readiness, computer training & education for high paying jobs, small business and entrepreneurship, and veteran‐friendly employers.
  • Financial Coaching
    For veterans to be in control of their financial health. Self‐sufficiency is a primary factor in positive outcomes and preventing veteran homelessness.
  • Veteran Entrepreneurship
    Program will provide veterans the capacity to run new businesses and enhance or expand existing businesses in order to be more financially independent, creating stronger, more capable veteran owned businesses.

These components create a robust and effective Integrated Care Model, creating a viable method to end veteran homelessness in Ventura County, and is replicable elsewhere.